Birthday Parties! Am I right?

I’m in the midst of planning another birthday party…which is being held on Sunday. I have a love/hate relationship with birthday parties. I love them, until the day of. Then I hate them because my vision is never really fulfilled. I blame Pinterest. It makes it all seem so EASY.

I’m crafty in spirit, not so much in execution. I’m not sure when I’ll really learn that about myself and just buy all the handmade goodness off of Etsy. I mean, those kids, the ones whose moms run those Etsy shops, they must have some kick-ass parties complete with pirate patches, costumes and cute labeled food. If you followed me on Pinterest…wait, where was I? I went to get the link to my boards and got lost there for a while…oh right… you’d think that my kid was about to have one of those too. But sadly, I’m not sure that will ever come to fruition because the scene will likely end with me in tears the morning of the party because my Pin the Hook on Captain Hook game, or homemade bandannas didn’t turn out the way I wanted them too and I’m too stressed to even watch my son enjoy his own party.

I can do all this this problem!

I can do all this this week…no problem!

The even sillier thing? There are probably only going to be 4 kids total at the party and 2 of them are mine! I’m doing this all for the adults, who are part of my family and don’t really need to be impressed. I just want my little scallywag to have my his dream pirate party because gosh darn it he deserves a good time. Aargh!