Yesterday I wrote this:


So as I embark upon my 39th year, I’m determined to make stuff happen. At the risk of sounding cheesy, my someday begins today. #1 on my list — start writing. To kick things off, I’m participating in #reverb16, a project that provides writing prompts for 30 days. So here goes Day 1: Intentions. 1) What do I hope to get out of a month of writing each day? I hope to tune up my skills, or discover if I actually have any writing chops to begin with! I want to start a habit of getting what I write in my head onto a keyboard. 2) What is my favorite part about writing – the idea, the first words, the final sentiments? It’s actually making connections. Writing something that makes someone say “hey, me too” is my ultimate goal. I also love the cathartic feeling of writing a good piece. Thanks @abbyofftherecord for introducing me to this project.

I was too afraid to put myself out there. Too afraid to start up this blog again.

But today, here I am. It’s day two of #Reverb16 and The Amazing Races is back in business.

Today’s prompt is What keeps you cozy through the wintertime?

I hate the winter. I’m always cold and the early darkness makes me tired too early in the day. I get tired of keeping track of hats and gloves and leaving swimming lessons takes FOREVER because everyone has to dry off and bundle up. I ski just to have something to do but I don’t really like it. Once Christmas is over, I’d be happy to just go back to the warmth of spring or better yet, summer.


There are three things I am rarely without in the winter…slippers, a blanket and the space heater in my home office. Even once the weather becomes warmer, I have a hard time giving these up. Sometimes in the spring, I’ll leave the windows open at night when there is a chill in the air just so I can snuggle up on the couch.




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