Open House

Tomorrow marks the first day in our entry into the public school system. Our experience thus far has been far from stellar but not quite as painful as some have warned. In spite of not knowing if M’s IEP was reworked with the suggestions we’ve made, not knowing who his vision specialist will be, not knowing if he needs a back pack or snacks or anything like that, we’re sending him to Elementary school…Preschool but Elementary school nonetheless. Granted, it’s just the Open House. We get to stay with him and see his class and meet his teachers, but each time we brought him to the school for testing over the Spring, I couldn’t help but picture him as a school-age kid, roaming the halls, goofing off when he’s supposed to be going to the bathroom.  I can’t wait to see how he grows this year. He always adjusts so much more easily than I think he’s going to. He makes friends with whatever teacher he has and seems to explore new situations with gusto.

Me, not so much. I’m trying not to think too much about what a logistical nightmare my life is about to become. Now, I have to keep track of the public school schedule and the child care schedule AND drive Max back and forth from school to the center, all while working my full-time job. Ian says we have to wait and see how things go before stressing about it, but that’s just not my nature. I’m trying, I really am.  Instead, I’m trying to channel the “first day of school” energy and plan out outfits and photos and special “first day of school” dinner at the diner. Wish us all luck!